Pooja Shetty1, Vijay Patait2,AkshayaPatil3


Safety and efficacy has been much discussed in Ayurveda. Inspite of Ayurveda being the oldest medicinal science having survived 5000 years of history ridden with both Mughal and British invasions and efforts to neutralize and discourage this age old tried and tested medicinal branch. It is the need of the times that every aspect of medicinal science needs to be presented in scientific manner with clinical trails to prove its efficacy and safety. In today’s day and age aaptavakya still demands proof and providing this proof will help us to bring this indigenous science back to its glory days which is the duty of every practitioner and believer of Ayurveda. We can very well use this opportunity to present before the world the safety and efficacy of ayurveda and its medicines and ones and for all remove this dilemma regarding these aspects. Public interest for the treatment with traditional system of medicine is mainly due to increased side effects in synthetic drugs, lack of curative treatment for several chronic diseases, high cost of new drugs, microbial resistance, and emerging diseases, etc. Furthermore, there have been controversies due to a few biased and flawed studies that claim the use of toxic materials in ayurvedicpreparations. The lack of randomized, controlled trials has only increased the public’s distrust.

Keyword :Ayurveda, Safety & Efficacy,Medicinal Plants, Herbs, Mental.