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Vishwa Ayurved Parishad


A. Ayurveda should be declared as the national health system
B. Proper separate budget allotment at center and state level.
C. The similarity in central and state government services for Ayurvedic academicians, professionals, research scholars and medical officers and similarity in the selection of students.
D. Separate Ayurveda ministry, directorate, and university in every state.
E. Establishment of new Ayurvedic Colleges and research centers in unrepresented areas.
F. All teaching institutions must be associated and guided by university grant commission.
G. The disparities with reference to the financial and social status of teaching faculties, medical officers and students etc. must be eradicated.

Personality and Skill development camps

Camps are being organised successfully to create awareness regarding deep study of Ayurveda, sympathy for diseased personals of society, self respect, honor for moral values and nationality etc. human virtues including marma, kshara, panchkarma, panchgavya etc. therapies, focusing on the scientific outlook and practical training. In these camps the new Ayurveda scholars and students are provided the best knowledge with the help of well established Ayurvedic experts of the various fields.

Publication of Journal

Parishad is regularly publishing a monthly journal to promote research, scientific aspects of various traditional experiments, medicine manufacturing practices and other aspects of diagnosis and treatment.

Students promotion campaigns

To provide and recognize special honor to the dedicated Ayurvedic scholars and to promote the habits of deep thinking and learning in students, many programs at state and national level competitions such as essay, quiz etc. are being organised regularly.

Teachers,Authors and Physicians honor programs

VAP is determined to the idea that positive changes and achievements in Ayurvedic education are possible only by the efforts of reversed teachers and students. To fulfill the aim, VAP is starting a few programs for all sects to develop a strong thirst for procurement of deep knowledge.

High Quality Ayurvedic Education Development

VAP is trying to provide a common platform for discussion for all the responsible persons in the field of Ayurveda for this purpose, the students, teachers, educational experts, principals, college promoters, administrators & Social workers and thinkers, Ayush authorities, v.c. and ex v.cs of universities and authorities and members related to C.C.I.M. etc. are consulted and scientific seminars for this purpose are being organised at various places.