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About Vishwa Ayurved Parishad

Ayurveda Knowledge originated in INDIA more than 5000 years ago. It roots from the ancient Vedic culture and it is considered as Pancham Veda. It is also known as the “Mother of All Health and Healing System”. Literal meaning of Ayurveda is “Science of Life and Longevity”.

In May 1997, the Vishwa Ayurved Parishad (VAP) was formed by certain Ayurveda devotees with the divine aim of re-establishing knowledge of Ayurveda among common people. Parishad started its activities among Ayurvedic Scholars, Practitioners, Teachers, Students, Ayurvedic Drug Manufacturers, Farmers who are involved in herbal farming and Common Ayurveda Lovers who are taking active part in growth of Ayurveda.

Introduction Main Activity

Lakshy is very popular and unique initiative of Vishwa Ayurveda Parishad for conducting Pre PG mock entrance examination for ayurveda post graduate courses. This examination is conducted on all india level and students enroll themselves for real time examination to test their preparation and ability before the actual entrance test.

All India Essay Competitions

VAP organises three essay competitions for ayurveda students every year. Winners are awarded with cash prize, medals and citation certificates. Travelling allownce, accommodation and other requirements of the winners attending prize distribution function are taken care by Parishad


Vishwa Ayurved Parishad Journals are a good source of primary information about Ayurveda. They are published on a regular basis (usually quarterly or monthly).